Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Physic : My first Poster

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This is my first poster. It was presented by my supervisor in Freiburg (Germany) at the ICPEAC conference in 2007.
We used the R-matrix Floquet theory to study the two-photon ionization of the Ne+ ion. When an atom is placed in a laser field, it can absorbed some photons and be ionized.

On the poster, we represented graphs for emission of a 2p electron only. We studied the inner-shell processes, that the emission of a 2s electron later.
On the first graph, I represented the dressed energies for M=0 and M=1. We see some differences due to the different symmetries allowed. On the second and third graph, we can see the spectrum for M=0 and M=1.
On the fourth and fifth graph we can see the probabilities of leaving the residual Ne2+ ion in his ground state 3Pe or two lower excited states 1De or 1Se.

I like Ne+, it is great fun to study it. There is so many things going on.

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