Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Korean project : How to do the SRS repetition.

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Doing SRS repetitions is the simplest thing ever. First you enter the questions and answers, then you do your schedule repetitions everyday. 10000 questions-answers should be enough.
The problem is if you enter a lot, let say 100 a day or as I did a lot in one go without putting them in your head, the number of schedule repetitions will increase a lot several-100 repetitions a day, it can soon be difficult to do everything.

Here are several ideas :
1) Do 200 (or whatever you want) then do something else and go back.
I like that one, you can do some, when you get tired of it do something else, so you just take it easy.

2) Do your repetitions and don't add 100 more every day.
That one is for the emergency, if I need to stay longer in the lab, go out, or do some exercises (I like swimming).
I mean as long as you do the schedule one it's fine, but I tend to get board if I see the same cards everyday, even if I don't remember them all. And the problem with me is that if I say to myself I do 100 more every day I feel bad if I don't do it.

3) Do them all at ones.
My favorite, I know I'm crazy. When I learn Korean for several hours without stopping, I feel like there is a moment where it becomes mechanical. Instead of get bored or tired, my concentration increases, my understanding increases, it just like being absorbed by it and being completely receptive. I also remember them better the next day. Do anybody else felt that too ? If yes just tell me.

Another thing :
The reason why I enter a lot in one go without learning them is that it's a bit annoying to make the entries with translation.
In the method for Japanese they said to use only monolingual card but I think that this is valid only with the language using Chinese characters.
If you learn the meaning of more than 2000 characters from the Heisig method than you have a basic vocabulary. As you can't do that for a phonetic language, you have to begin by using bilingual cards.

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