Thursday, September 21, 2017

Norwegian Wood by Murakami (Book review)

This book was so depressing. It took me forever to read it. I started when I finished "Kafka on the Shore". It was sort of hard to read because basically, nothing happens. It's like we follow this guy going to his daily student life. He is so amorph about everything that's happening around him that there is no exciting point. When he meets new people or do something there is never any excitement.
Basically, I didn't care about any of the characters. I think it's one of the rare books when I was happy to see a character finally disappear.
I mean there was no other point in Naoko's life than to die. Really.
I understand depressed and overly depressed but I don't understand her take on reality.
It seems like the entire purpose of the book was to show two different type of depression and two different type of way of going through life after the suicide of a loved one. On one side, we have Naoko who just can't get out of her own head. And on the other side, we have Toru who is nowhere near his until everything collapse. So I don't understand how she didn't care and I don't understand how he actually didn't.
I know that people love this book so I don't know why I was so bored reading it. Even the Storm Trooper, I didn't think that was funny.
I guess I came to this book after "Kafka on the shore" expecting it to be as mind blowing. Well, my mind wasn't blown.
And still, I think it's a good book. I think there are a lot of little things and construction in this book that makes it interesting. This book is really really weird.
Seriously, if you want to start on reading Murakami, don't make this your first book because you might never pick up another one and that would be a shame.

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The Artist's Way (Day 20) Brain Space

So today I did my morning pages. I didn't do any exercises. I wanted too but I didn't find the time. I started to work on scheduling Blog posts which isn't really creative since it's more like a copy paste process but it involves my writing still.
In this video I'm talking a little bit about brain space, which basically mean what you are thinking about taking space in your brain. I try to minimise how my brain space is occupied as much as I can by dealing with things straight away instead of letting them linger. I guess that's how I manage to do my morning pages first thing in the morning before everything else.
I'm also showing you my partially finished bear.

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Yeolume and Namu Complete History (with video)

This is the last of my History video series for Pullips and Friends. Today, we will be talking about Namu and Yeolume.

Namu was Pullip's first boyfriend. He was created in 2004 and died within a year since the only model of his we have in 2005 in the anniversary couple version. I personally believe that Namu has a lot of unexplored potential and that he just didn't have time to reach the point where the company making the doll was experienced enough with the face up techniques to make him look good. 
In Korean, Namu means Tree and Pullip means Leave so Pullip is basically a part of Namu. I thought it was a very sweet concept. I really wish for Namu to come back but since he was a Jun Planning character, I don't think Groove has the copyrights necessary to make a new version of him. 

Yeomule is Pullip's future daughter. We don't know who the father is. Does Namu make a come back? Does Pullip marry Taeyang? Is there another boy in town coming for her? We don't know yet. 
Yeolume has a different less posable body that the rest of the pullip family which is a little sad. She also came out only twice in 2013. I think she was stopped too early. People love Yeolume, the problem was the distribution, not the character. It would be nice to have new version of her in the future because she is really cute.

Here is the video

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Thursday Fiction 133: Parallel Slip

Hi guys,
Thursday Taster has been dead since last January but I somehow still want to be sharing Parallel Slip with you. So I decided that I am going to have a new Thursday Fiction post every Thursday from now. It's going to start where my Thursday Taster stopped last January. You can check the last bit of Parallel Slip here to refresh your memory. You can also find all the Parallel Slip related posts here.

"I don't think biology is easier than physics," I interrupted Amy. "I mean look at all that new vocabulary that you need to use all the time and to learn and I'm not even telling you about the organic chemistry formulas, those are atrocious."
Amy first looked at me blankly until I said atrocious and then she laughed but it was a sad laugh.
"Maybe," she said.
I didn't want to hear her complain about Alex and how unfair it was for her. I had no sibling except for Jonas, I had been alone with my mother most of my life and I always imagined that it would be great to have someone to play with someone who had to love you but I didn't imagine what it could be like.
"The thing is, it doesn't matter if it's hard or not, the only thing that matters is that Alex is doing physics because he is the smart one and I'm doing biology because that's the thing I should be doing. They'll never validate me unless I become president or something." Amy said.
"Then why did you choose biology, why not take physics like Alex and finish the competition with him?"
"Because I want to..."
"Yes," I said.
"No, that's silly ok let'S forget about it," Amy said.
"So that's what you told your parents? That you were going to do biology for a silly reason?"
"I told them I wanted to study marine biology and oceanography and they answered that at least I could find a job at a restaurant cooking fish or on a fisherman boat."
"Really?" I said.
"They have no idea what marine biology is and they have no idea what research actually is at all so imagine if I had told them that I wanted to look for aliens."
"Aliens, you mean like astrobiology and atmospheric research on exoplanets?" I asked.
"You know about that?" Amy asked surprised.
"Sure, I pride myself on having a lot of knowledge on especially useless stuff."
"Right?" Amy didn't find it amusing.
"But you are still studying Oceanography," I said.
The bus stopped and the door opened. I looked at the people climbing in, a man and a woman in their forties, nothing as dangerous as biology students. I took a deep breath and relaxed when the bus started again. The idea was to get to the bus center and take another bus back to the university from there. It was a long ride from here probably another half hour.
"Yeah, I couldn't get myself to check the other box on the form in front of them. I'm such a chicken. I mean they are already disapproving everything I do but I still try to do something to please them," Amy said.

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