Thursday, December 17, 2009

NaNoWriMo, NaNoFiMo, part 24 of "Demon soul"

Yesterday had been a bad writing day. For the first time I didn't reach my daily goal of 2500 words and only wrote 1500. However today I catch up the 1000 words missing and also added the 2500 of the day. So I'm pretty happy about the all thing. I must say that yesterday I was pretty tired so I didn't use my usual rule : "You won't go to bed until you have your word count done."
But anyway, what is done is done.
I'm also happy because I was pretty annoyed about making Sahel go through so much hardship but now it's going to get better.
So stats since last time : 5015 words written which had up to 77440 words in total and to 20760 for NaNoFiMo.
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