Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Wednesday Snippet 202: Blue Angel

Welcome to a new part of Blue Angel unedited, we start right where we left off last time.

He pointed his gloved hands toward Lonan.
“You're a demon, you're on your own.” Lonan answered turning his back at him, pulling his tongue out and crossing his arms on his chest.
“You damn brat,” Kamaril said, brushing the gloves on the stone wall which only had the effect to make some sand without even scratching the metal surface of the gloves.
He walked toward the door and passed his hand near it slowly, the electric blue wave appeared.
“Hum,” he said thinking deeply.
“I said I tried,” Lonan answered. His curiosity becoming stronger.
“Yeah, but second rules at being a demon: you take the opportunities when they are presented to you,” Kamaril said extending his hands in front of Lonan again.
Lonan hesitated a little.
“How do I know that you are not going to jump on me as soon as you're free to use your powers again?”
“You don't, but I'm telling you I have bigger fish in the sea,” Kamaril said.
“And I'm saying, demons can always use a snack,” Lonan answered.
“You want to get out of here or not?” Kamaril asked.
“Third rules at being a demon: Demons always lie,” Lonan said. “There is no getting out of here.”
“And that's a lie too,” Kamaril answered.
Lonan pondered the answer a little and came closer.
“Sit down and don't try anything funny,” he said with a grin.
“You wish,” Kamaril answered lowering himself.
“Sit,” Lonan said.

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