Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Wednesday Snippet 200: Blue Angel

Welcome to a new part of Blue Angel unedited, we start right where we left off last time.

He never wanted to admit it but he was envious of the demons. When Brownie had brought a demon home and when that guy had showed off, Isakael had felt as if something was breaking inside of him. The power, no matter how much he tried, he was not strong enough to protect the people around him but this guy, this stranger, this supposedly vil creature had been. Isakael always hated being an angel but there was nothing he could do about it. He could leave far away from other angels, he could refuse to cure anyone, he could just stand and yell at everyone for not doing the right thing and complain all day about it, there was no way of changing who he was, those heavy wings in his back which at time gave him a back ache were nothing he could hide. He was an angel and that was his curse. That scary voice during the trance had told him it could be different and that's what scared him the most. He wanted to change but there was no way of doing it without pain.

The diner was over and the angels stood up in order and walked out of the dining room. Isakael followed the lead, his hands once again hidden in his sleeves. He was wondering if he was the only one feeling so cold. He was used to be able to change the temperature at will in his room had home. The cold wind greeted him again in the corridor. The moon was low in the sky, just above the wall on the other side of the palace. Isakael looked at it. The moon had no meaning hear. It was so beautiful and still, it had no meaning, just like nature had no meaning. Only god was prevalent. Suddenly, he felt that it was wrong, that everything was wrong with this place, that it was just taking everything out of the world. Maybe that's what the devil had felt too, that there was something wrong in the order of things, it seemed so unnatural. Isakael resumed his walk to his bedroom. There was a group of angels chatting in a very low voice in a dark corner but he didn't stop to give them any attention. He had a lot on his mind, just as usual, communicating with other people was not his forte. He opened the door and locked it hastily behind him as he if feared of being followed. 
“One more day passed, one to go,” he said crashing on his bed.

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