Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Wednesday Snippet 197: Blue Angel

Welcome to a new part of Blue Angel unedited, we start right where we left off last time.

“What was that? Who was talking to me? What did he want from me? What was that power he was talking about? My power, what is my power supposed to be?” The questions were turning in Isakael's head and he was afraid. Nothing, nobody was supposed to be more powerful than God, it was just wrong.
“I believe, I believe,” he said over and over again as if it was going to protect him but the charm seemed broken, he wasn't feeling God in this place any more he was only feeling cold. He wanted to go home or at least run away from here as fast as possible, it was supposed to be the place where everyone found their place but he just felt abandoned in the middle of stranger.
He bore with it until everybody came out of trance and the prayer regained its power over them but not over him. He was scared of the voice he had heard, scared that it might be coming back and that it was speaking the truth. He was looking at others trying to see black wings in someone's back but they were all immaculate white. The whiteness of the place made him nauseous as his stomach growled once more in hunger, and he wondered how he could feel both at the same time.
They finally stood up and started to walk away. The one who had reached the trance were congratulated. It was said that they were the one closed to God, the one who could hear his voice directly. The one who never experienced it were asking questions but Isakael tried to avoid them. He didn't know what he would tell them, he didn't know what to explain or what exactly happened. The others were laughing, telling about the blue light and the stars and more light but none them talked about the sudden darkness. Isakael wonder if it had only happened to him or if he was becoming crazy and had dreamed it.

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