Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Wednesday Snippet 195: Blue Angel

Welcome to a new part of Blue Angel unedited, we start right where we left off last time.

The seat weren't really seats. The cushions were close to the floor and what would have been the back seat was standing in front of you. He knelled there, his arms on the front wooden part, his hands joined in prayer. It was an uncomfortable position but ideal to keep you drop falling asleep while listening to the prayer. He wonder which part of the bible they were going to read. He had been too busy lately to keep on reading his and there were so many other good books out there, the humans were writing a lot. Of course, angels knew that was all lies but he liked the lies, they created good stories, terrible of course but good, they kept you dreaming.
The bells rang. After waiting more than an hour, everybody was finally knelling. They waited until the bell's echo stop and the words resonated in the place.
“God forgive me for I have sinned,” it said.
Isakael still didn't know where the words were coming from. Here all angels were identical there wasn't anyone higher than the other, nobody was to speak, they only listened and took the words in their heart. The words were still coming from somewhere. Once as a child he had asked and the answer was that they were God's words but it had never satisfy him, even if he had never asked again, as in this world, you weren't supposed to ask twice you only have to accept what was given to you. He wondered once again where God was, as the words resonated he could feel his presence more and more but he knew that he was still very far away.

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