Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Wednesday Snippet 194: Blue Angel

Welcome to a new part of Blue Angel unedited, we start right where we left off last time.

He finally reached it, he steps on the granite polished stone stairs and entered the church. The great hall was lit by candle light. The queue separated in two. The angel in front of him moved to the right so he moved to the right. The order was in place and he couldn't escape it as if it was part of it. The sensation was coming back easily now that he was inside. He walked to the basin of holy water, there was an image of Christ over it, as if he was going to observe if he was doing it right. He took his hands out of his sleeves and pushed them to his elbow then dipped the index and middle fingers of his right hand in the basin, the water was cold, it had probably been waiting for someone for a long time. He pressed the wet fingers on his forehead bending his head in front of the Christ's picture, lowered his hand to the middle of his chest, placed it to his left shoulder then to his right to finish the sign of the cross before stepping away to let the angel behind him do it too. Two angels were framing the passage on his left, presenting the new comers with heavy bibles covered with red leather. He took one has he passed near them. He wanted to say thank you but he knew he shouldn't so he continued to walk. The walls were tall and the windows high, covered with stained glasses representing the life and dead and rebirth of the Christ. He was in Jesus' church and he could feel in deep inside of his bones. God was present in here even if he couldn't really see him. He walked to the first row with a free sit. It was not the kind of place where you could keep a sit for your friend, not that he had any coming here today. Here everybody was equal under the watch of god and he needed to love everybody the same too. He felt that at least this was an easy part, he just didn't care about anyone in this room.

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