Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Wednesday Snippet 192: Blue Angel

Welcome to a new part of Blue Angel unedited, we start right where we left off last time.

“I'm never coming here again, this is the last time, I have to bear with it.” He said his finger tightening on the door handle.
He put a smile on his face before opening and was greeted by the cold wind. A corridor with column on the side instead of a protective wall had nothing to do in this weather. If he was god himself, he would have kicked the ass of the architect who dared make such a prank on them. People were already walking toward the prayer hall, all looking the same, all dressed the same with the white gone and heavy feathered wings rigidly erected in their back. He put up his hood over his face before locking the door and following them. It was the only comfortable thing here, today, nobody was going to recognize him, it would be peaceful and quiet.
They queued to enter the church and the queue was long. From where he stood Isakael couldn't even see the door and more of them were arriving taking their place in order. They were the most well behaved people he had ever seen. Nobody talked, he placed his hands in his opposide sleeves like a monk, mimicking them. Them were looking at the ground. It was nothing like a human gathering. When he was in the human world, he would complain at people trying to speed up to walk ahead in the store to pay first, he would complained at the queue in front of the cinema when people would be chatting so loudly and happily before buying their tickets. But in this World everything was too white and too quite. It was supposed to feel reposing but it was more oppressing. I wondered what would happen if he try to pass people to get on ahead. They would probably feel offended, but he had no idea what they would do to him if he was to break the rules.

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