Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Wednesday Snippet 191: Blue Angel

Welcome to a new part of Blue Angel unedited, we start right where we left off last time.

It was not even day time yet when the bell resonated in the emptiness of the palace. Isakael rolled on himself and regretted to have miss dinner. The first day of conceal was a dead of prayer and purification, there would be no food served until dawn. His stomach growled making him sight.
“A normal day in heaven,” the thought put a smile on his lips. This palace was a handmade hell designed especially for him.
The bells rang a second time filling the air with their loud echo. He had no time for shower now. He needed to change into his gone and head to the church. The gone was fold on the large side table at the feet of the bed. Isakael wondered how his white spotless thing would look with his black wings. He spread them in his back trying to remove the pins and needle sleeping in a bed for so long had given him. He wondered what the other would say if they knew he was sleeping in a hammock like a demon at home and felt it so much more comfortable. He found few black feathers on the bed and made them disappear quickly in his bag. There was no need to alert anyone who would come sneaking, he locked the bag in the largest desk drawer. The rest of his wings were back to white. He sight in relief. He just needed to get through the day without getting annoyed or wanting to punch someone in the face and he would be fine. He undid the wings button of his T-shirt and took it off. The air was chilly. He decided to put it back and to wear clothes under the gone. Of course that wasn't the right way to do it but if he wasn't in the mood to be both frozen and hungry. He adjusted the gone in front of the mirror making sure his clothes were invisible and knotted the heavy brown belt on his right side before heading for the door.

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