Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Wednesday Snippet 190: Blue Angel

Welcome to a new part of Blue Angel unedited, we start right where we left off last time.

“Yes, but you have no choice as you still need to breathe.”
She closed her eyes and Kelpie decided to let her rest. In a place like this, he has holding a girl. He realized that he had never held anyone, not even Kallisto when he wanted to marry her. As if she had heard his thought she started talking again.
“You're good, holding me like that,” she said. “When I arrived, I thought you hated me.”
“It's not you I hate, it's everybody in general, this world and everything it represent.” Kelpie said.
“And what is that?” She asked.
Kelpie hesitated a little.
“Powerful people, who think it's a good idea to let other get hurt just so that they can have more power,” he finally said.
“You should meet my god, I'm sure he would make you change your mind,” she said.
“You're right I should see him but for a very different reason. Now, you should try to sleep, as soon as it rains, I'll take us out of here.” Kelpie said.
“But it's already raining,” the angel answered.

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