Thursday, September 13, 2018

Thursday Fiction 184: Parallel Slip

Welcome back to a new part of Parallel Slip, where we follow the adventures of Frederique through her slip in different parallel universes.

Let's start right where we left off last week.

The day was pretty uneventful. I only blacked out once to go back to the universe where the poor version of me was living in a farm and doing all the farm cores. I could feel that she wanted to escape and that wan't really new but that was her feelings and not mine anymore. I ran through the wood as her mother asked for more potatoes to be pilled. She couldn't do it. She didn't have the strength to run away and escape by herself. She was scared as we started to run and I knew I would have to bring her back soon but I wanted to try something. I wanted to talk to her.
I stopped and sat at the river on a large stone.
"Are you there?" I said in my head.
There was no answer so I repeated myself.
"Are you there? I need to talk to you, my name is Frederique and I come from very far away and I'm here to help you."

Once again, there was no answer. Then I started to think about hearing. We all hear with our ears, the sounds are waves that propagate in the air and go into our ears and resonate inside before being translated by our brain into understanding. But thoughts. I could hear my thoughts too and there was definitely no wave going from my brain into my ears to be handled back by my brain again. That would be inefficient. How could I hear my own thoughts if that wasn't related to my ears.
So it came to me that maybe my other self could talk to me but I couldn't talk to them. Like their brain would formulate their thoughts and send them to me but my brain being in my body wasn't able to formulate thoughts they could hear.
I knew my brain was active in the other universe when I travelled because of all the brain scans showing me its activity.

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