Sunday, August 12, 2018

WeWriWar 257: Demon Soul

Welcome to a new excerpt of DEMON SOUL for the Weekend Writing Warrior and Snippet Sunday

Brownie is a normal girl, or so she thinks. She likes to chat with her sisters about random things, she likes fashion and she is member of the fashion club at school. But one day, as her little brother gets really sick because of a curse placed on him, she meets this really strange guy who cures him absorbing the baby's sickness within himself. As he is about to fall from his new acquired fever, Brownie sees Yue's soul and immediately falls in love with him. But Yue is not a human, Yue is a demon.
Brownie and Yue will built their love story until....

Until Yue's soul is stolen. There is nothing left of their love. The purple light dancing in Yue's grey eyes is gone. Forever? Not quite. Brownie is desperate to find it back. And to get a soul stolen by demons, she needs to go deep into dark magic! But Brownie is not a witch, she is just looking for a spell powerful enough to bring her love back. When an amateur starts playing with strong magic without preparation and without caring for the consequences, things turn wrong...

Let's start right where we left off.  

During the past few weeks her nightmares had kept her awake so she had become an early riser. So many things had changed… Three purple candles, two white candles, cinnamon incense, olibanum incense, patchouli incense, coconut incense and one apple… after that the list looked more or less like a cooking list.
The olibanum incense would be the more difficult to find but she already knew how to find it.

Once as they were shopping together, Yue had taken her to a very dark and narrow street that was barely visible from a bright large street in the city centre.
“I’m taking you here because I need stuff but don’t you ever come here alone,” he said.
At first she had laughed but she soon understood why. The place was full of dark creatures, even worse than demons. With Yue she had no need to worry, but a human here alone would not live long enough to tell anyone about this place.

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  1. Uh oh and so if she goes alone...bad things will no doubt happen! I love her devotion to helping him though. Great snippet, very foreboding.

  2. I hope she can find an escort, but I have the feeling she's going to go there whether she has one or not.

  3. Another fantastic snippet from this story. I have a feeling she will be going there alone.