Thursday, August 2, 2018

Thursday Fiction 178: Parallel Slip

Welcome back to a new part of Parallel Slip, where we follow the adventures of Frederique through her slip in different parallel universes.

Let's start right where we left off last week.

I knocked it before it hit me and took it from him with a brusk motion.
"I'm here to assess the extend of the damage myself, with the pilots are they are the one who will have to deal with it the most until it's repaired."
"It can't be repaired, now here, we need to go back," Tucker said.
"I might ask for our allies to give us a hand in the matter," I said.
That was total bluff. I had trouble to keep from bitting my lower list while looking at Tucker. He rose an eyebrow.
"Allies," he said.
I didn't know if he looked puzzled or amused by the statement, but he sure looked like he was going to go after my head.
"If you would excuse me," I said continuing pass him to enter the engine room.
"And what Allies would you like to call on exactly?" Tucker said grabbing my arm to turn me around. "You are just an arrogant little girl who doesn't know what she is doing and just want to go run after daddy."
"Release the captain," Debby said.
"Or what? You'll do what you were born for an act like an animal?"
Debby took a step back.
I took my arm from Tucker's grip, straightened myself and look at the guard who hadn't moved an inch.
"You two, this man is under arrest," I said. "Take care of it and he is to have no visit until I say otherwise."
The guards looked at each other.

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