Sunday, August 19, 2018

All about PetWORKs event at Spiral, in Omotesando (with video)

Yesterday, I went to the PetWORKs event at Spiral in Omotesando, because my friend wanted me to get her one of the Momoko dolls they sold there.
The event started at 10am, people arriving before 10am could get a ticket and enter the event first at 10:50am then queue inside to choose their doll. It was a very long wait and I managed to get the doll only around noon.
Then I could take pictures of the petWORKs doll displayed. There was a part of PetWORKs history with dolls from 2008 until now. There were also life size Momoko and new and old dolls displayed as well as pink bears.
I managed to get one of the dolls she wanted for my friend, I will have a review of her later, and a pink plush bear for myself.  

Here is the video

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