Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Wednesday Snippet 178: Blue Angel

Welcome to a new part of Blue Angel unedited, we start right where we left off last time.

“I'm not scared of you or your Nephilim friends,” Taram said angrily.
Seti shook his head seing Azazel place his hand on the wall of the cave. Tree branches grew from the ground near Taram's feed making him fall on the floor. Azazel turned his head on his left shoulder to look at him from the corner of his eyes.
“Maybe you should be,” he said making Seti laugh.
“Come on Az, they are just kids,” Seti said walking after him without giving more attention to his sister or her friends.
“I know you like Watchers there is no curing you of being one,” Azazel answered.

“He is talking about us like we are a disease, what the hell is your brother doing with a guy like that , I thought he was cool, I thought he had great powers and stuff,” Taram said pushing Torin away as he tried helping him.
“My brother is the god of Chaos. He is not like you, you gotta accept that,” Samira said as if it was painful to admit, her voice was low and shaking.
“You're here because of him, he should be taking care of you instead of running after that guy, did you see his hair? What the hell they were green, is that Nephilim fashion?” Taram continued, he was still looking at the corner of the cave's corridor were Seti and his friends had disappear as if he was expecting to come back for a fight.
“He can change into a tree just like the girl, I think that's the reason,” Torin said. “It doesn't really matter who Seti is hanging out with, it's not like he has ever really been friendly or whatever, if you need someone really cool we better go find Sahel, at least he is not thinking so highly of himself.”
“I'm going home, I'm tired of the Nephilim zoo,” Taram answered.
Torin sight seeing his twin walk away.
“Sorry about that,” he said looking at Samira. Taram didn't even take the time to say goodbye.
“Don't worry, I'm used to Taram being an idiot and I know it's safer for him being as far away from my brother as possible,” she answered with sadness in her voice.

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