Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Aoto and Yuta Azone Boys Collection Coordinate Dolls Review (with video)

Today, I'm reviewing Aoto and Yuta, two coordinate dolls from the Azone Boys Doll event.
You can check me video of the event at the Azone store here.
This version of Aoto and Yuta are redressed version of the boys. Apparently they are supposed to be the little wizard Aoto and the tick-tock rabbit Yuta version with a different outfit. Since I have them I compared and for some reasons, my new Aoto's eyes are a bit darker than my little witch Aoto and the hair of Yuta is lighter than the tick-tock rabbit hair. It sort of makes me happy because it's like having different dolls altogether but maybe it's just because my other dolls are older, I don't know.
Anyway, they come with their hair shaped into pointed little ears, and two different outfit: one overall and one Hakama.
I think it's super cool to have so much coming with the dolls, azone really did a great job on them.

 Here is the video

Here are some pictures

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