Thursday, February 1, 2018

Thursday Fiction 152: Parallel Slip

Welcome back to a new part of Parallel Slip, where we follow the adventures of Frederique through her slip in different parallel universes. 

Let's start right where we left off last week.

"How did you decide that you like astrobiology?" I asked. 
I needed Amy to continue talking because she was helping me keeping the panic away. I couldn't imagine my life without blacking out. I didn't need anything without my black out they were the reason why I was here, the reason why I was who I was, where I was. Somehow, I realized that I totally sucked as a scientist. I had already decided what the black out were and how they worked and what they showed me without any prove. Everything was just based on a believe that I traveled. It was overwhelming. I was trying to build a theory to give me the result I wanted which was that I was special and traveling to other world. The more rational explanation would be that my mind was taking everything around me and transforming it during my black out. I needed to verify it, I needed to know I wasn't delusional.
"People make fun of everyone looking for aliens, always. They thing you have to be crazy to believe in aliens because there is no prove, because nobody ever saw any and because all the alien kidnapping story sounds like they have been created by total loonies. I mean why would anyone be kidnapped by invisible alien to be studied and they taken back when they can just keep us. And if they actually keep all the people on the list of missing people? I don't know there are one hundred more rational explanations than aliens with powerful technology coming to get them. But on a totally different level, why not? If you look at the universe, it's huge, and if you look at the different life forms on his planet, it's huge too. Like so many of them, little insect and dinosaurs and bacteria and plants and birds and fishes and us. There is such a huge possibilities to life form and so much space to get it to work. I want to know. I want to know if there is a possibility that somewhere else there is something alive and because if there is God will become obsolete and we will finally have world peace," Amy said.

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