Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Tantalizing Tuesday 2: Sun Kiss

Hi guys and welcome to a new  Tantalizing Tuesday and you can find the list of participants here.

This time, we continue with Jane who is having a hard time studying.

Efforts always ended up paying in the end. She wondered if she should go back to the kitchen to warm up her tea but decided that was useless it was going to turn cold again anyway before she starts to drink it again, maybe getting that usb-cup warmer wouldn’t be a bad thing after all. 
She started to read again, pen in hand when a huge thing came crash on her window. She jumped of her sit almost making her cup fall on her notes. She was used to have birds crashing on the window during the day each time that the curtain were removed for washing but that was different. It was night already. 
She took a deep breath to calm herself down, that was probably an owl. That could only be an owl anyway. She walked to the window to see if the bird wasn’t hurt, there was a trace of blood she could see that a hand add slide down on the window. She opened the window slowly, not really reassured but she knew that some of the vampires of the house were able to flight to the second floor without too much problem.


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  1. I would have jumped too. Intriguing tease!

  2. USB cup-warmer. I should think about getting one of those. Lovely piece.