Friday, January 26, 2018

Trip to Akihabara: Gachapon hunt, Azone and Volks Stores and more! (with video)

My crazy friend Marion is back at making me get her stuff. If you haven't seen the previous adventure with me cycling all over town to get her some sailor moon x my melody cross over stuff you can check the following video.

Today, I'm going to Akihabara to get her some Vinyl Artist Gacha.
Of course, I also went to the azone store and got a doll, for which I totally blame her. And I visited the Volks store to look for a wig that I didn't find. Then I went through multiple other store looking for Creamy Mami goodies with no luck. Those are crazy hard to find, especially if I also need to like them.
Anyway guys, I hope you'll enjoy this very long video. Don't forget to leave me your comment in the comment section below and to subscribe.

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