Saturday, January 20, 2018

All the Vels! Azone Lil'fairy Doll, Tips and Trick. (with video)

I decided to create this series of "All the" videos for two reason. The first is to show you my complete series or group of dolls. The first video in this series is the All the Lipu video that came out a while back, you can find it here. The second reason is to help you differentiate the azone dolls from one another. I get a lot of question about doll recognition so I thought I might as well give you some tips and tricks to recognize the dolls.

Today we are looking at All The Vels!
So far there are been 6 azone lil'fairy Vel released.
The first one was the little maid, followed by the two in magic school uniform, then came the school girl and the fantasy colored little maid, and finally Vel went on holiday. I think the lil'fairy are really hard at work so they totally deserved that holiday this summer.

In this video you will see all the Vels and learn what makes them Vels and differentiate them from other lil'fairy.
I hope you'll enjoy that and look forward to more videos in this series.

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