Monday, December 11, 2017

Vlog #86: I ♥ doll 51 (photo coverage)

After a very bad Saturday, I decided to go to I ♥ doll 51 (for real) on Sunday.
This time there were a lot of different company than the one that are usually here. A lot of Chinese and Korean company were present.
Of course as usual, I took pictures of all the dolls.
There was really a lot of thing to see and I found two new company that I really like because they have unusual dolls. My poor wallet is going to suffer.

Anyway I think the big news that everyone was waiting for is: "Harmonia Bloom is coming out!!!"
They will be available on Goodsmile's website.
I don't know the price or if it's a direct order or pre-order yet, I guess we'll all find out on Thursday!
Just go to Good Smile's website on the 14th, I don't have a link yet.

Here is the video

The cover real is actually happening now.

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