Thursday, July 20, 2017

Pullip Doll Review: Classical White Rabbit (with video)

Let's start with a little bit of Pullip dolls again. Today I'm reviewing the pullip Classical White Rabbit.
This pullip was the last pullip missing in my Classical Alice series so I'm really pleased to finally have her. The Classical Alice series is a series from 2013 which include Classical Alice Pullip, Classical Alice Dal, Classical Mad Hatter Isul, Classical White Rabbit Pullip & Pullip Classical Queen and a recoloured version of Classical Alice, the Classical Alice Sepia Version which was released in 2014.
The Classical White Rabbit is a fantastic pullip as a rabbit but also in different outfit as she has a very nice and elaborated face up style. Still, I really like her rabbit outfit which is really fluffy and soft.
I got mine second hand when she was still hard to find and if found really expensive. However, I managed to get her for a good price which is good since she came out again two days later. I'm very happy that my doll was complete because I would have hated to see the new one on sale with a partial doll.

Here is the video

And Here are some pictures

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