Friday, July 28, 2017

Dolly Vlog Hop #19: Doll you didn't like but you like now

So the actually topic of this Dolly Vlog Hop is supposed to be "Which Pullip you didn't like at first but you started liking more and more?" But since I can't really answer that as I haven't actually bought a pullip I don't like I'm going to do it a bit differently.
So I have to say that at first I didn't really like azone dolls, they looked all the same to me, except for their fantastic outfit, I couldn't figure out the difference in the mold or character, I really wasn't into them. Especially Koron, I would look at the Koron excute at the store I think that was the punk girls or something at the time and I was like nah, I like the clothes but look at that face, nah! 
Then came the lil'fairy and then came the Otogi no Kuni excute and I still didn't like Koron. I skipped the first excute in the Otogi no Kuni series because it was Korons and Lien. I didn't like Koron and then I didn't like Lien's semi closed eyes, they looked really weird to me. So I started with getting the Swan Lake Raili and then I decided that maybe I should actually get more of that series. Still it took me a while to get the Koron little red hood because she looked so weird to me. 
Anyway, now I have 6 Koron. I think that's crazy, that's one of the excute I have the more version of even though it was the one I liked the less at first. 
I think the one that really did it for me was the little wolf limited version, because I loved the color and the short hair a lot. 

Here is the video

And here are some pictures of my Koron.

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