Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Doll Box Opening and Review: Yuzuha Meow Meow Limited ver. part 1 (with video)

Today I'm opening the limited version of Yuzuha three colored cat from the Meow Meow a la mode series.
I went to get this Yuzuha at the azone store since I didn't pre-order her. They still have a few at the store at the moment.
She is very special because she is in beige and green color and she is the only one which doesn't have pink or blue or purple on her. She also doesn't have cat's pawn on her outfit and her jacket is actually sort of cat free. Yuzuha is also the only one with multiple color on her ears and tail.
She is also particular as a Yuzuha because she comes with dark brown hair instead of the usual black hair that Yuzuha has.
I ran into a little problem when opening her because she didn't have shoes in the box. You'll see how I fixed that in the next video.

Here is the video

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