Sunday, June 18, 2017

Vlog #70 Books, Ak-garden, Doll World Festival and my first Cu-poches (with video)

Today, I went to vote at the French ambassy after a night of reading... Can't stop on a good book or on the next lol. I went there super early because I needed to go to Ak-garden at the opening to get the Alice Cu-poche limited... hum. the things is a lot of people vote for the presidential election but not so much for the legislative so there was no queue at the embassy which was cool but also mean that I arrived at AK-garden one hour in advance.
Then the queue I was expecting for cu-poche Alice didn't happen either, actually I'm so used to Azone that I thought it was going to take a while, or like nendoroids, those take even longer but nope. There was only one guy buying the cu-poche in front of me so I ended up hesitating and getting 3 instead of 1. I got Belle, the original Alice and the Limited Alice. And that left me some time to go to the "Be face" Workshop to make a dress for my lil'fairy. Since I had Eruno with me, she tried the dress on right away.
Then I discovered that there was the "Doll World Festival" on the 4th floor with free entry so I went there too. It's more about porcelain doll and felting with some teddy bears. It was quite a lot of fun in a day.

Here is the video

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