Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Doll review: Katie from Alvastaria (with video)

Today, I'm reviewing Katie, the first Alvastaria doll from Azone.
Katie is a pure neemo but she is a bit different than the others because she isn't an anime character or a member of the excute family or a Sahra's a la mode doll. She is part of a brand new group of dolls called Alvastaria. Is that knew group of doll just one series of character or is it going to be an ongoing this like the excute for example with multiple series. At this moment, I don't know.
All I know is that Katie was the first to be released. She was announced at the same time as her brother Neil who should be released soon too. Then a new character called Meril was added at the last doll show and will be out for preorder soon.
The alvastaria series is based on travel and adventure. Katie and Neil are subcaptionned 旅立ちの日 (Tabidachi no hi) which means day of departure. They have a sort of steampunk past century adventure look to them as they are dressed in a sort of fake leather. Then they also look a bit like the Steampunk lil'fairies Riam and Neilly.

For here little story, from the azone website says:

Katie is a bright and cheerful girl who longs for adventure. Her want to actually go look around comes from her adventurer grandfather's talk about the variety of the world that she listen while growing up willing to see it with her own eyes. She leaves the village where she was born and raised, taking the first step with her older brother Neil.
She dreams to have her own adventure. 

Here is the video

And here are some pictures

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