Thursday, May 4, 2017

Azone doll Opening and Review: Aoto Witch of Moonlit night (with video)

Today I would like to continue with my review of the little witches by introducing my first little boy witch Aoto.
I got this doll second hand from amazon and I was really lucky to find him there because he is rather rare and difficult to find for a decent price.
I also managed to get his friend Yuta from yahoo auction which is good because not having the pair would have driven me crazy. I really like the witch theme but I only have four of the excute witches. This Aoto is my third Aoto as he is one of my favorite excute character. I can't wait to get the little prince Aoto at the end of the year. Him and Yuta are out for pre-order until the end of the month so if you want the new version here is the moment to go and grab them.
Anyway, Aoto little witch of the Moonlit night is really awesome because not only is he a witch but he is dressed in black and purple which is my favorite color. He comes with a bag, and an awesome cloak and pointy hat. 

Here are some pictures

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