Saturday, April 15, 2017

Aika Snow White and Minami Alice Tea Party, vlog and box opening (with video)

Today was the released day of the commemoration dolls between Azone and Nico. They made two dolls for the event: Minami Alice Tea party and Aika Snow White both part of the Otogi no Kuni series.
Of course, I went to get them at the azone store.
After a long time queuing, I finally managed to get both dolls and a sweater from Nico.

As I didn't take any pictures at the azone store today, I decide to open the boxes straight away when I went home.

Aika Snow White is basically the same as the previous Snow White Aike except for the hair and skin colour.
I thought I had a review of Snow White original version but apparently I don't so I will be reviewing this version really soon.
You can see a review of Snow Black Princess Aika here. Then Minami Alice Tea Party has the same eyes and skin as the Limited Minami Mermaids from the otogi no Kuni series but she has different hair and a totally different outfit. You can check out the mermaids video here: Golden pearl and Blue lagoon and here: Minami Mermaid Princess I wasn't sure I was going to get them but I'm actually really happy to have them all. Reviews will be coming soon.

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