Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Wednesday Snippet: Demon World 116

Welcome to a new part of Demon World unedited, we start right where we left off last time.
Torsti jumped on him seizing him by the throat, it was the first time his brother was taking his anger against him and Lonan’s smile disappeared.
“What did you just say?” Tosti asked in uncontrolled rage.
“Let him go”, Odeon said.
Odeon’s deep voice brought back Torsti to reality. His face changed realizing what he was doing, he let go of Lonan instantaneously and the little demon ran to hide being the bed.
“Lonan, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to” Torsti said walking in his direction.
“I like Yue, I like Yue, I like Yue”, the little demon repeated trembling behind the bed, scared but still willing to stand up against his brother in a childish way.
Torsti finally sad on the bed facing Odeon.
“So what do you propose?” he asked.
“First we need to make sure that no one else makes a team”, Odeon answered.
“You mean raising the zizzanie between the other demons?” Torsti answered.
“Yes, something like that, after today’s fight they will all be willing to team up seeing that most of us already died and that his Kion said that we were going to die as well. They might want to go against Yue and to take on the witch.”
“I don’t see where you are going with that, I want to take on the witch and on Yue as soon as possible”, Torsti said.
“The thing is, if that red fire is coming for the witch, I still wonder what will happen if he can’t find her”, Odeon said.
“And why does it matter?” Torsti said.
“It seemed that you are unable to see the big picture, if you are looking for something and at the moment of finding it you realize it’s gone, then what will you do except turning against the one who took it from you”, Odeon said.
“You mean that once the witch is gone, the red fire is going to go against whoever took her”, Torsti said.
“Exactly”, Odeon answered.

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