Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Getting Illumie at the Azone store + Ruruko Expo (with video)

Today Azone's Twitter announced that Illumie was being released and that they had some of her left for grab in store. So I decided to jump on the train and to go grab her.
I was really lucky has they still had a lot of her to sell.
Of course, as usual I took a lot of pictures for you guys inside of the azone store. They have a lot of cute stuff going on. They also had a sort of Ruruko, momoko and pet works expo going on with the dolls from 2017.
Then I went to several store and I found two more dolls second hand. One is the extra sweet sweet a la mode Yuzuha. Since there is 10 but actually 11 with the 1.1 version. The other is Koron Little witch version 1.1 too I guess I was in the 1.1 mood.
So now I can really say that I have all the sweet sweet girls and my little witch koron also has her sister/friend, I haven't decided yet. 

Here is the video

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