Thursday, February 16, 2017

Sample doll Opening and Review: Pullip Canele (with video)

It's time for a new review video of one of my sample doll. I got this one at the Doll Show 48, on Groove's booth. If you missed the doll show video you can check it here.
If you missed the haul video from the doll show and want to know which dolls are going to be reviewed next, you can check it here.
I have to admit that I was really not expecting to find her since she had never showed up at a sample sale before and I got a little bit confused about who I was still missing. Was it her? Or was it her twin sister Varele? On a sort of leap of faith, I decided that it was her and I wasn't mistaken.
You can check the review of Varele here, if you haven't already done so.

This time, I don't have any candy to fly around for the review though, sorry about that guys.
Canele always reminds me of Cinnamon since in French, Cannelle means Cinnamon and I would guess it's pronounced exactly the same, at least, that's how I say it. Canele is a pretty nice doll. She is from December 2013 and the Carnival Doll recolored counterpart twin sister of pullip Varele. There is however a little change in the fabric of the doll, since Varele is using polka dots fabric where Canele uses red and white strips.
I like the way she is design to have an old merry-go-round carousel sort of feeling with the horses drawn everywhere on the green fabric of her outfit. Her hat is like a small carnival tent on the top of her head and she looks like a sort of sweet candy packaging. It's sure that a lot of thoughts were put into this doll. She has a lot of little details including a curved hand allowing her to carry her sceptre.

I wish we could get more of this fancy special hands to have fun with our pullips during photo sessions.

Her quote is: Around and Around The Merry-Go-Round… The Carnival is coming today… Let’s all enjoy it together… Feel Like So.

Here is the video

And here are some pictures.

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