Friday, February 3, 2017

Azone Doll Box Opening and Review: Snow Queen Mia (Otogi no Kuni Excute) (with video)

I know some of you are waiting for your Snow Queen Mia to arrive so while waiting here is a sneak pic of mine. She arrived yesterday morning. I got her during the crazy pre-order on, which is a freaking miracle since three minutes later the pre-order was closed.
Snow Queen Mia is the last of the Otogi no Kuni excute to have been announced and she is finally released. I don't know if azone plans on having more otogi no kuni dolls released. I'm seriously hoping for at least Aoto and Yuta and maybe if we are lucky Fuka and Wakaba.
Snow Queen Mia was the last announced but not the last released. There is still Snow Black Aika to be released this month after one year of waiting. Mine will be arriving in February.
Snow Queen Mia is all in blue and white and grey. I like the way the lace on her outfit remind of the snow flakes. She goes really well with my other dolls, especially Swan Lake Raili. She once again has blue eyes and grey hair, I have a lot of dolls with those characteristic now. I also like her half closed eyes that really make her look shy.

Here is the video
And here are some pictures.

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