Thursday, January 19, 2017

Pullip Grail Doll Review: Isolde (with video)

Here is a new review video for you. This time it's a grail doll video about Pullip Isolde. Isolde is a doll collaboration with H. Naoto. She is limited at 600 world wide and she is from 2008's doll carnival, which makes her pretty hard to find. She also has a twin called Adsildia which basically has complete opposite coloring.
Isolde is absolutely perfect. She was made with great care. She has a very original wig easy to take care of despite the fact that it's very wavy. She is wearing clothes in a blue and white theme which totally fit her face up. She has a sort of sweet rock-and-roll look to her with a sort of jeans jacket on top of her lacy and complex dress. She also comes with a bag and a hat and super hard to put on shoes. 

Here are some pictures.

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