Monday, January 16, 2017

Doll Show 48 photos video

Today, I went to the Doll Show 48. I went there really early to be able to get my Yuzuha Happy New Year so that now I have the pair. I wanted to see the next Otogi no Kuni dolls but unfornately, azone didn't announce any. They announced the new Kikipop who look like little boys so I'm really happy about that and they also announced the new line of Sahra's a la mode which is truly too adorable to pass on.

I took way too many pictures so even though they are all present in the video, I made different albums on facebook to keep things tidier.

Part 1: Azone and Kikipop
Part 2: Fashion dolls (ruruko, momoko....) 
Part 3: Blythe
Part 4: Pullip family

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