Thursday, December 8, 2016

Vlog #54 Grail and rare dolls (with video)

Today, I'm opening pullip boxes. I have quite a lot recently from my grail and rare list so I'm pretty happy to introduce all these beautiful ladies to you.
First their is Io, which I don't remember if I already showed you or not. Then, there is Another Alice, which is part of the another series. She is the darkest pullip ever created and limited at 500 dolls.
Then there is Isolde, from the creator H. naoto. She is one of the rarest pullip I have, limited at 300. She is the twin of Adsildia who is also on her way.
And to finish Galene, who was once the last doll I didn't have from Mitsubashi babybee but now I'm still missing the last my Melody. This things never stop.
I also went shopping on Monday so I managed to get a few things for my doll and Hibarichan. Hibarichan is actually really proud of her new buffalo status, who said the robe didn't make the monk.

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