Monday, November 14, 2016

Grail doll Box opening and Review: Pullip Mir

Last week, I received two of my Grail dolls. The first one is Pullip Mir from the Korean Ghost story series. She was really hard to get and I was lucky to manage to win her on yahoo auction.
There were supposed to be four dolls in the Korean ghost story series but only 2 came out: Pullip Mir and Dal Tina. Taeyang Harang and Byul Bormi were never released.
Pullip Mir is a creation from Mango Park who saved pullip at the fall of Jun planning.
She is an absolutely stunning doll with a very elaborated hair still and a very creative outfit compose of multiple parts.
She has a kanji in one of her eye 蟒 which means python or boa and is pronounced Mǎng in Chinese. I haven't found it in Japanese.

Her quote: Until the day I ascend to heaven, I will keep searching the special sacred gem which have my wish granted!! I pray under the cold water even today… Feel like so

Here are some pictures.
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