Sunday, November 27, 2016

Azone store and Autumn photo session (with video)

I went to Akihabara's azone store to get the Minami mermaid doll. I had to go super early because I was afraid the dolls were going to be gone soon. I arrived a bit before the opening of the store and queue to get my dolls. I managed to get both as there weren't so many people in front of me.
The azone store had a lot of display of doll houses so it was fun to watch. As usual I also took pictures of the normal display, though not of the doll who were on display at my last trip. If you want to see those, check this other video
Then, I went to buy two other azone doll form a second hand store because I saw them there before and they were a lot cheaper and I walked to Tokyo station and the imperial palace where I took some pictures of Pullip Amelia and Kiki Marmelade Brown. If you want to see the full day vlog, check here.

Here is the facebook photo album.

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