Saturday, November 5, 2016

Azone Doll Box Opening and Review: Lycee Ruby Twinkle a la mode (with video)

This is my last doll (for the moment) of the Sahra's a la mode Twinkle a la mode series. I'm not sure if I'll get the others because four out of the five dolls I'm missing are limited version so harder to find and the regular Yuzuha is already sold out.  
This one is the regular version of Lycee Ruby of the twinkle a la mode series, or as I call her the colored version. She is wearing a red and black outfit as opposed to the limited version which is in white with only a little bit of red. 
I really like the contrast between this doll's hair color and her outfit. She is a lot better than I imagined her to be. She also comes with a train which is something the other dolls don't have. 
I also like the fact that her under skirt has a lot of superimposed pieces that give the upper skirt a puffy side.

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Here are some pictures.

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