Monday, November 7, 2016

Azone Character Series: Nao Tomori from Charlotte (with video)

This time around, the doll in this video is part of the Azone character series.
Azone as a whole series of dol created from Anime characters. This one is No. 95. Her name is Nao Tomori and she is from the anime Charlotte.
I don't have many dolls from the character series, I have Nanana and Erio but I might get more soon as they have the girls from the Blue Mermaid.
I wanted Nao because I liked Charlotte and she looks awesome in the Azone version. She has really awesome hair. We can see they made a lot of effort with the hair style. The Anime character dolls generally don't have outfit as detailed and intricate as the other pureneemos but I still like her style. She also comes with a lot of pair of hands so it's super cool to take pictures, and she is also very posable.

Here are some pictures.

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