Saturday, October 22, 2016

Special Halloween Sample doll Opening and Review: Pullip Carmilla queen of the vampire! (with video)

Here is my last vampire for this Special Halloween Sample doll series.
She is Carmilla, the queen of the Vampire, better not to mess with her. She is the second vampire pullip release, the first being Elizabeth which I don't have but hope to get sometimes sound.
There are therefore 5 dolls in this vampire series, Elizabeth, Carmilla, Taeyang Nosferatu, Dal Ende and Byul Lilith.
Carmilla was the last released as she is a sort of re-release of Elizabeth. Seriously, I hoped for Daria and Drusilla, lol.
Anyway, Carmilla is a pretty awesome vampire. She comes with two type of fangs, the normal white one and the red bloody one.
And she also has a bird.

Her quote: my mind, the smell of blood of you who love the darkness of the jet-black Let’s continue wandering forever.

Here are some pictures:

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