Thursday, October 20, 2016

Special Halloween: Sample doll Opening and Review Isul Vermelho

Welcome to the special Halloween series of Sample doll Opening and review. We start with Isul Vermelho. The vampire from the Mansion of the Immortal series.
The mansion of immortal was released in 2013/2014. It has four members: Pullip Wilhelmemia, Taeyang Valco, Dal Lyla and of course Isul Vermelho. Every doll is a different creature of the night, respectively the witch, the werewolf, the ghost and the vampire.

Vermelho is the vampire of the group. He reminds me of the movie "Interview with a vampire" as he has an outfit fitting that era.
As the opposite of Nosferatus and the other vampire made by groove, Vermelho doens't have removable fangs, he has painted fang making him a full time vampire.

His quote is: I want your blood… And your bright red lips… Situation Like So.

Here are some pictures:

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