Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Sample doll Opening and Review: Pullip Favorite Ribbon (with video)

Today I'm opening Pullip Favorite Ribbon. She is a collaboration doll between Groove and Baby the star shine bright. Baby the star shine bright is a brand from Alice and the Pirate. They have made several collaboration dolls with Groove through the year including the Little Prince, the Fox and the Rose. They are basically a clothes retailer in the lolita style.
Pullip Favorite Ribbon is the older pink version of the newly released Favorite Ribbon Chocolate version. She is dressed in pink with several red ribbon in bows. She also has beads and little stars on her outfit. I think she looks a bit like Pullip Bloody red hood. Here face up is different especially the eyelashes and lips color but with her brown wig I think they look similar, though she would be the royalty type while Bloody Red Hood is more the forest girl.

Here are some pictures.


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