Thursday, October 6, 2016

Sample doll Opening and Review: Dal Galla (with video)

Dal Galla is another sample doll I bought at the groove head quarter sample sale.
She is one very unique Dal as there is no doll with that sort of fiery flamenco outfit. She is not entirely flamenco though, her head piece remind me of a swan and she is wearing ballerina shoes so she can be from a red swan lake.
Her Theme is totally black and red. She is wearing a black and red dress with golden embroidery.

Her quote is: 32 fouettes en tournant, Jump, Raise the leg 48 degrees, And elegantly fly in the air!!!
I don't think they meant fouettes so, I think they meant pirouettes.

About the music in this video:  (from The Doce danzas españolas (Twelve Spaniard dances) for piano is a series of pieces written by Enrique Granados. The exact composition date of the pieces is unknown, though Granados himself stated that he wrote the majority of them when he was 16 (in 1883). These dances display influences from a variety of Spanish genres, and, consequently, lend themselves to being arranged as guitar pieces, which has been done multiple times.
This piece is in the public domain under creative common. It can be found here.

Here are some pictures.

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