Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Vlog #28: Going to the Doll Show 47, Park and Gainage Challenge day 4 (with video)

As usual, we went to the Doll Show in Ikebukuro.
The Doll Show is basically a place were a lot of doll clothes sellers have booth and you can go from one to the next to buy stuff.
My primary goal was to get the azone doll show limited Mio. The second goal was to get some stuff for my dolls.
Instead, I got Mio and a new Dal.

 I couldn't film inside the hall. I had to stop at each booth and ask people if they agreed to let me take pictures of their dolls. So I did that, I skipped some that I didn't find interesting, others that were to crowded and when the seller was having a conversation with someone else that I didn't want to interrupt. Though I still managed 273 pictures which you can see in the Doll Show 47 video.

After the Doll Show we went pokemon hunting at a park near the imperial palace.

And of course I continue with my gainage challenge!
Today is day 4 so that's 3 times 25 seconds.
Strangely, my back was painful on the second and third rep.


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