Sunday, September 18, 2016

Vlog #25 Gainage challenge and crochet (with video)

Hibarichan got up during the night and found some chocolate, luckily she might have been too tired to eat it all.

I'm starting the gainage challenge as shown in the picture on the left. This is day 2 so I'm doing 3 times 20 secondes of planking. Yesterday was day 1 and I did 2 times my best, the first was 1 minute 37 and the second times was 40 seconds (I think I got bored.)

 Also crochet crochet crochet! I started a lot of new projects because as usual I tend to crochet until I run out of yarn of the color I need. I guess I'll have to have a trip to the yakuhen store to get more yarn really soon.

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