Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Vlog #16: Videos behind the scene and Dolly rant part 2 (Pullip Veritas LE) with video

Parody photo by Mireya De Jesus

Today, I had a really slow start a lot of things to fix on the blog and a lot of comments to answer too. 

I ordered a new doll on amazon, it's a cat so you can have a guess at which cat it is between Sorc, Cecil and Ludmila. 

Then, I opened 3 sample dolls. I took the video but I haven't taken the pictures of the dolls yet as I'm waiting for good lighting. Therefore it's going to be a surprise you can also try to guess which Taeyanng they are and leave me your guesses in the comments. I spent the first part of this vlog talking about the videos I'm making and how it works with the green screen. 

Then in the second part, I talk about what's going on with Pullip Veritas LE in the facebook groups. Some comments can be very nasty toward AGA or groove and the people in those company. In my main group it's a bit better and even made me laugh.
This time I talk mostly about what a limited doll is and what it means for most doll company and why AGA handled this expensive pullip totally wrong.


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