Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Vlog #6: Welcome to my place! (photo studio and dolls) (with video)

Today I didn't do much, as in I didn't do many things as I spent the day moving my "furnitures" aka book boxes around to be able to get enough space to create a photo studio.
This is a bit ridiculous to call it a doll studio because it's just a green background and the material to hang it but that's still where I'll be doing all my photography in doors from now on.

I take you for a tour of my place and basically it's really really small with almost no space to move. I also explain that space is pretty much like time and you only get the one you make.
It was a lot of fun to install my photo studio and I couldn't help but testing my green background in this video and the Isul Tete video. I'm not really sure yet how much I will do with this background but I'm sure I can manage some nice effects for the videos. 


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