Thursday, August 25, 2016

Vlog #5: Pullip New Release, photography and nabe

In this vlog, I talk about the exciting new pullip release from Groove: Pullip Taffy, an boho style doll, and Pullip Cheshire Cat from the Alice in Steampunk world series.
I'm very excited about all of them because I discussed pullip Taffy when I went to Groove headquarters and had to keep her a secret from everyone else, and I always wanted a Cheshire Cat pullip as she is the only characters that only has a Byul and I'm not a fan of Byul.
I'm so happy about those two dolls.

My boyfriend has been cooking Nabe which is a winter dish. We didn't have it last winter because we didn't have the big pan to cook it, I got that pan for my boyfriend for our anniversary. It seems he only wants cooking materials and books. He is so exiting about his new pans that he doesn't let me cook much. lol

And then I open my new photography tools. I wanted something that will allow me to have better backgrounds for my photo session indoor and the stop motion video. The first part was delivered today.

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